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Rowan Smith


Anni May is a rare gem.

Her experience and capacity in her core skills meant Anni May was soon trusted with important client-facing roles. And her willingness and enthusiasm to be flexible and learn new skills mean her roles have also been widened across new channels and opportunities to further value-add to the company business.

What’s more, she’s an inspiring person to be around, such is her spirit of both service and adventure. I can’t recommend Anni May highly enough.

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Do you wish you had a clone of yourself? Are you stressed about all you need to do to build your business?

Would you like a second set of hands so you can work on doing what you enjoy doing most?

By handing over the work that eats at your time you can concentrate on what needs to be done to develop and grow your business.

Build and Manage

Are you missing out on potential customers? Do you need a website to showcase your business to the world? 

Let me help you stand out from the crowd and build a website that represents you and your business.

Having a website that shows who you are and what you offer gives potential customers the opportunity to find you. 


The Jam

What Makes PepJam Stick

Most small business owners struggle as their business grows and the demand for their time increases.

I can help by providing admin and management support without the costly expense of employing staff.

​My services allow you to work on what you are most passionate about while I work the tasks that consume your time so you can focus on your business growth.

Kiah Davey

The Round Earth Company

Anni has worked on a couple of projects for me, when I required someone to follow up research, edit a manuscript and source translators.

Anni's communications was excellent.

She clearly explained her progress during each project and was not afraid to ask questions to clarify what I needed from her.

I found Anni to be efficient, working within deadlines and a pleasure to work with.

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Jam Jar

The face of PepJam

The face on the jam jar is me, Anni, and I get a kick out of helping small businesses to achieve success and growth.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, I worked in the corporate world as an administrative assistant for over ten years and have six years experience working online.

In my life, I aspire to embrace stillness of mind and to boldly live with a sense of adventure.

My passion is driving down new roads and I have a knack of seeing how to make life easier for other people.

My Commitment

Communication is key when working with clients, so you can rely on me to communicate clearly and promptly.

It is important to deliver on the work I have been assigned to do and I have proven to be trustworthy with timely turnarounds and followup.

I am committed to establishing good working relationships and providing great service for the people I work with.

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